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Figurative Watercolor Paintings

Nina Wood_Offering Gratitude For Resilience

Offering Gratitude For Resilience, 12" x 10"

Nina Wood_The Body Extended

The Body Extended, 20" x 15"

Nina Wood_Transition

Transition, 12" x 10"

Nina Wood_Redefining Selfhood_edited.jpg

Redefining Selfhood, 19" x 15"

Nina Wood_Catch My Breath

Catch My Breath, 20.5" x32"

Nina Wood_Not Beyond Reclaim

Not Beyond Reclaim, 25.5" x 24"

Nina Wood_Reprieve

Reprieve, 30.5" x 27"

Nina Wood_Surrendering For Replenishment

Surrendering For Replenishment, 24" x 27"

Nina Wood_Artist Mother

Artist Mother, 24" x 20"

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